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Q: What is the main objective of "The No-Name Project" game?

A: I think that the main objective of the game is to find your objective. You can do whatever you want, everything in the game is optional. As there is nothing mandatory to do, you choose what are your goals, and if your goal is just to own a house, well you finished the game in the first 5 seconds.

Q: Can I customize my character in "The No-Name Project"?

A: Yes. When you start the game you can choose 1 out of 16 character designs, it is an important decision as in the game you will have things (like statues) modeled after you. We will try to make your character more customizable, but for now, except for those 16 templates in the beginning, you can only make one change to your character, and that is to sacrifice one eye to gain knowledge (yes, like Odin) and you will gain a permanent eye-patch... also using future-sight in battle.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in "The No-Name Project"?

A: No, there is no difficulty level, everything is at a default rate and you train to overcome those default limits (if you want), read books to get stronger, go to college, eat irradiated mushrooms, and gain legendary hidden knowledge and weapons. You make the game as difficult as you want.

Q: Are there any limitations on character progression in "The No-Name Project"?

A: This is a tricky question, usually no, we try to make the player do what they like. There might be times when we didn't think about a solution to a quest that somebody would actually like more than the ones we provided, so if that happens we would like to hear your opinion so we can try to code it in the next update.

Q: Can I play "The No-Name Project" offline, or is an internet connection required?

A: The No-Name Project is an offline game, there are no online features, it isn't multiplayer and we don't plan on making it like that.

Q: Can I engage in romantic relationships or get married in "The No-Name Project"?

A: Not yet. In the latest update, we added a Recruit option to most of the NPCs in the first island, so all of the NPCs you meet there can be recruited into your party. There is no romantical relationship system yet (even thou there is a woman in love with a cow somewhere in a cave), but there will be somewhere around this year, it is a feature that we think a lot of implementing, when the time is right.

Q: Can I own and customize my own house in "The No-Name Project"?

A: When you first start the game you get your own house right away. You can add a stove, a yard, some plants in the yard, and a beehive, but mostly that's it for now. We will add a way to upgrade the walls, the floors and maybe some furniture. You can upgrade thou a castle, a bar, a restaurant, and a pizzeria.

Q: Are there any in-game consequences for player choices and actions in "The No-Name Project"?

A: Yes, there is a Karma system. There are choices that will make other choices happen. You can save some villagers, or not, you can sacrifice a companion and lose it forever, you can kill people and they will be dead forever (but you can resurrect them as your zombie slaves). Each choice has a consequence.

Q: Are there any plans to release downloadable content (DLC) or expansions for "The No-Name Project" in the future?

A: We are continuously updating the game until the engine cannot allow us to add more things to it. So, there will be no DLCs. Just the main game.

Q: Can I play "The No-Name Project" on consoles, or is it exclusive to PC?

A: For now, it is exclusive to PC. I know that there are some porting ways to make it work on console and mobile, but that isn't something in our priorities right now.

Q: Where can players find the new item, the Tiny Sword, for Kin and Rooster?

A: That's an awesome weapon that I specifically thought for Kin, but Rooster came and stole the show and wanted one too. It can be found in Shang's Store, but in order to gain access to that store you need to conquer the city and hold court as a king until a store merchant comes and asks you to sponsor them into opening a store in the city.

Q: How can players obtain the new jewelry items in Lovendale mentioned in the updates?

A: Well, players can go to the stores located in Lovendale and shop around to see what each of the vendors sells. You can also craft jewelry if you want to be extra quirky.

Q: Where can players find the new ring hidden in Algaria Forest North?

A: Shhh, be quiet! Somebody might hear you! That's why it is hidden... but yeah search for a chest in the Algaria Forest North, there is no way you can miss it. (it's in the western-lower part)

Q: Are there any hints or clues provided in the achievements screen regarding the hidden events related to the cursed masks?

A: Yes. Actually, I never thought of adding an achievements screen. I used to post hints of the game in the comment sections of youtube videos, but then a user said something about an in-game hint feature and then it hit me, an achievements screen. So, back to the question, yes there are hints regarding hidden events, the cursed masks included. Last time I checked, there were around 50-60 achievements in there.

Q: How can players unlock the skill-tree upgrade to create a teleporter from Shang castle to their house?

A: Well, first things first, you need a castle. To get your own fancy castle, you need to kill the king, you either do it yourselfor through an evil organization. After you kill the king and have your own castle, go to your castellan and ask him about the skill-tree, he will open the screen and from there you can upgrade the castle further, including a new teleporter directly to your house.

Q: Can players recruit any of the NPCs they encounter in the first island into their party?

A: Based on the latest update ( you can recruit all the NPCs (monsters are not included) that you meet on the first island. Some of them will have higher requirements, some will be hidden behind closed doors, and some of them will need to be bribed with bones or fish.